Here are some reviews and comments from my customers, as well as feedback from people who attended Mystery Night programs.  If you’ve presented or attended a Mystery Night and would like to add your comments here, please let me know (click here to e-mail me).

  • “The mystery was a well-conceived puzzle.  The characters’ names were a hoot!” – Fairfax County Public Library (FCPL) attendee
  • “The audience was varied in age but all enthusiastic. The performers had a great time too.” – Blaisdell Memorial Library, Nottingham, NH
  • “We had our Mystery Night today with high praises from our audience and a lot of enthusiasm from our cast.  These people were great in adlibbing and really suited their roles.” – St. Mark Orthodox Church, Bethesda, MD
  • “Cast performances were great; audience participation was wonderful.  Good mix of men and women.  Total attendance was 65 (included our dance group, helpers, cast and audience); lots of positive feedback from audience on how much fun it was.” – Spring Valley Library, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, Las Vegas, NV
  • “Loved the costumes!” – FCPL attendee
  • “Last year’s was a big hit.  We have patrons asking all the time when we are going to do it again.” – Public Library in Missouri
  • “Ted did a great job with the library characters as well as the setting. We all know these people. It was great fun and everyone wants us to do it again.” – Blaisdell Memorial Library, Nottingham, NH
  • “Everyone who attended had a great time, and many people asked when we were going to do this again.  Thanks so much for writing such a fun mystery night program!” – Public Library in North Carolina
  • “The cast was very nervous until we had our rehearsal. Then they couldn’t wait! Everyone was really excited and wants to do it again.” – St. Mark Orthodox Church, Bethesda, MD
  • “We have local officials playing parts and the guys are ready to just massacre each other. It should be a lot of fun.” – Public Library in Massachusetts
  • “I enjoyed working with my teammates to solve the murder, as well as the scenery and the wonderful cast.” – FCPL attendee
  • “Wonderful plot lines – but the real delight comes when you see the actors ad-lib and just have a blast with the material.” – Pioneer Memorial Library, Colby, KS
  • “It’s great to hear each character’s real story at the end.” – FCPL attendee

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