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kit_orderEach Mystery Night game kit contains everything needed to plan, rehearse, and present an after-hours murder mystery program at your library (or other venue – see FAQ).  These programs allow staff members and volunteers to ham it up while treating the audience to a highly interactive and unique experience.  It’s great fun for all!

The games are designed for adults (18 and up) since the stories feature sex, violence, tongue-in-cheek humor, and some wacky and convoluted plot twists.  Each mystery is solvable if the audience members pay close attention, ask clever questions, and use process of elimination to figure out whodunit.

These programs can be presented successfully in buildings of all sizes, but they work best in a facility with a good-sized meeting room and a separate lobby space, as the suspects (and audience) split up into two groups during the game.  Mystery Night programs usually last about three hours.

Your mystery kit will be delivered electronically and costs $75. All materials are e-mailed to you as printable PDF files (you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view and print them). You should receive the files within a day or two after payment is received. Once you have the files, you may of course print on demand – making as many copies as you want/need.

Each mystery kit includes the following:

  • Director’s instructions.
  • 10 suspect dossiers.
  • Solution pages for each suspect.
  • Secret clues (for distribution by the detective during the game).
  • “Detective’s Report” audience handout.
  • Map/Diagram of the crime scene (“Murder on the Strip,” “Murder in the Keys,” “Mesa Verde Murder,” and “Murder in Movieland” only).
  • “Mystery Night Procedures for Suspects and Helpers” (for use at rehearsal).
  • “The Rules” audience handout.
  • “The Setting” audience handout.
  • 10 suspect name tags.
  • 10 generic name tags for helpers.
  • Page of brief suspect biographies (for use as a handout).
  • Team ID cards.

Available titles include (click on title for more information, including a list of characters):

Murder in Crooke’s Crossing – the mayor of a rural Virginia town is murdered at the public library.

Mardi Gras Murder – a wealthy socialite is murdered in a New Orleans library of the arts.

Murder on the Strip – a flamboyant Las Vegas showman and librarian is murdered in his casino.

Murder in the Keys – a renowned writer is murdered in his historic Key West home.

Murder at Gooseneck Lake – a nosey reporter is murdered at a remote Maine lodge.

Mesa Verde Murder – a prominent philanthropist is murdered at an ancient Native American site.

Murder in Movieland – a young starlet is murdered at a Hollywood film & TV library.

Murder on the Battery – a ruthless mega-tycoon is murdered at a Manhattan library.

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